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XWATCH services are delivered through an Android/IOS XWATCH APP. The APP is used to connect with XWATCH Smart Watch devices from IOTEX and provides GPS location, tracking and communication services. The APP allows the user to monitor and track multiple devices from a single tracking center, and change the settings of the devices. The APP user can also set restricted and authorized zones for the individual devices to generate alerts when the devices enter and leave such zones. The APP user can also create various landmarks like School, Mall, Park etc. for the individual devices to generate alerts when the devices approach and leave preset landmarks. Tracking log history of individual devices can be accessed from the APP. The APP can also be used to make cellular calls to the devices for two-way communication. The APP allows the user to set various power models of the devices for power savings.

To learn how to use XWATCH Kids and the XWATCH App please watch the following 15 minute tutorial video: Click here

ios donwload xwatch app android donwload xwatch app

XWATCH App - Smart Watch Services


  • XWATCH Device settings and management
  • User Settings and preferences
  • Real-time XWATCH device tracking using GPS / Cell based location services
  • SOS/Emergency alert support
  • Authorized and restricted zones for devices and alerts
  • Landmarks for devices and alerts
  • Device and alert settings support
  • Tracking history logs support
  • ¬†Advanced service plans supported for every device:
    • Service Plan Details: 25 Authorized Zones, 25 Restricted Zones, 50 Landmarks, 100 Alerts per type, History data for 30 days

Other App Features

  • Two way voice communications
  • User profile settings management
  • APP Usage help

NOTE: XWATCH devices require a 2G (GPRS data) enabled SIM for operation. XWATCH APP on an Android/IOS smartphone requires internet service. All wireless operator related call, data and internet charges are extra and not included in any XWATCH services

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