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Model Number: ukg001

XWATCH - ukg001

Price: 57.58 USD
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Our wireless GPS watches are rugged, small, power efficient and feature two-way voice communications, precise GPS tracking, alerts, small size, and an excellent design that kids love. Stay connected to your children when they are away from you.


  • Standard Digital Watch Functions

    Time, Date, Battery Power and GSM Signal Strength Display

  • Two-way voice communications

    Ability to make two-way voice calls to preset phone numbers

  • Land-marking

    Ability to designate landmarks to alert XWATCH device presence at landmark locations

  • Alerts

    Ability to receive alerts and notifications of all preset alarm conditions on the authorized smart phone

  • Geo Fencing

    Ability to designate authorized and restricted zones for XWATCH devices

  • SOS / Panic Alarm

    Ability to send SOS / Panic alarm with a single button press to preset phone numbers

  • Manage multiple watches

    Ability to manage multiple XWATCH devices through a single authorized smart phone

  • Real-time live tracking

    Ability to track XWATCH real-time from authorized smart phones

  • Logs

    Ability to retrieve tracking logs for all XWATCH devices for a 30-days history period

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