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“Technology is best when it keep people connected”

What exactly X-watch can do?

Ans: Xwatch track your kid using GPS technology and can show the real time location of your kid at any point of time you are away from him/her. It also keeps you connected with your child as you can call your kid on his watch along with several other features.


How this smart watch work?

Ans: The watch gets connected to your smartphone with the help of Xwatch app. Parents can see the location on the app and also can call on the watch to communicate with the kid.

What is SOS?

Ans: SOS is the emergency button which sends emergency alert to the authorized smartphone running Xwatch application.

Can the kid wearing X Watch is able to make a call?

Ans: Yes he/she can, but only on two phone numbers you set as primary and secondary in the X Watch app settings.

How does calling feature works?

Ans: The watch is a small kids phone as it is able to keep in touch with your kids. You just need to insert ta Micro Sim.

Any recommended cellular plans for X Watch Micro Sim?

Ans:Yes, There are two specific requirements:

  • Tracking Only: VTS Data Plans (2G GPRS)
  • Tracking and Calling: VTS Data Plan + Calling (2G GPRS)

What is X Watch App?

Ans: This is the software supporting the hardware of the watch to keep you connected with your shining stars when away from you. This amazing app let parents track their kid and keep an eye on their daily activities.

How to begin with watch for the first time after purchase?

Ans: You can simply follow the activation steps given on the help page , Click here

Is the watch returnable?

Ans: No, the watch is not returnable if the package is once unpacked by customer. Returns will only be entertained if you receive a damaged product or any manufacturing defect found at the time of delivery.

What should I do if anything goes wrong?

Ans: You can call our customer support engineers and they will be glad to help you with your problems.

Is the battery of watch rechargeable?

Ans: Yes, it is. Once fully charged battery last more than 24 hours.

Is this X Watch safe for kids?

Ans: Yes, of course! It gives out nearly zero radiation and the silicon material used in making its body is also environmental friendly.


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