Slowly, the world is moving towards a digital era. Soon, all our files, books, medical records, criminal records and other relevant data will be absorbed by the digital world completely. Digitization will revolutionize the way we think, work and act. Transfer of any form of data will become the work of a few clicks, rather than days of organization and compilation. Mobile phone giants like Google/Android and Apple have already begun connecting our data to internet. For example, you don’t need a physical cell phone to access your contacts. Google allows you to store all your contacts online on your google account. This make transition from an old phone to a new phone a thousand times simpler. Even if you lose your phone, you can recover your data including pictures and other files without any hassle. It has clearly improved our lives and our living standards significantly.


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Technology has provided a new benchmark for our safety. Cameras in our mobile phones have helped us record ongoing crimes, which helps the police track down criminals through facial recognition. Video proof is also widely accepted in almost all legal systems across the world. Technology has developed various systems to prevent any form of crime. CCTV cameras and voice alarm systems have helped many people sleep safe and sound at night, especially in areas where crimes like theft happen on a regular basis.
Apart from these gadgets which have been available for a number of years, a new sector of technology has further improved the safety & connectivity. This new sector of technology is known as Internet of Things (IOT) which is the connection between innovative softwares and appliances. Juggling various devices like sensors, chipsets, firmwares and different appliances controlled by smartphone applications. The bigger perspective is, how IOT can help improve our safety and security devices.

IOT and Safety
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Seen as the base of a highly connected tomorrow, IOT is a broadening term on tech chart 2016 all tech giants of all nations have started investing their time and resources into it already. In India, different IOT based projects can be observed moving ahead and more end consumer products/services can be seen in action.

Internet of Things has already penetrated healthcare and the smartphone industry, with smartwatches and fitness bands. From tech giants like Apple and Samsung to startups like IoTeX Systems, IOT definitely has the scope to introduce new products that will make our lives easier and safer.

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