All parents are invariably worried about the most precious assets that they have, their children. There is no denying the fact! Hectic schedules and work pressures prevent modern parents from spending enough time with their kids, giving rise to child safety concerns. Most parents are left perplexed at this thought. On one hand, the rising crime graph worries them, on the other, the void created by their absence needs an appropriate substitute.

xWatch KidsThe compelling need of parents about child safety is precisely why smartwatches for kids exist today. While this concept is familiar in the West, India has only just woken to this amazing tech reality. xWatch Kids, an Iotex offering is a perfect blend of technology and fashion. These adorable smartwatches are winning the hearts of parents and kids alike.

xWatch Kids, the GPS enabled smartwatches are one of the most reliable tech gadgets for child safety. They offer a comprehensive solutions for parents to track, monitor and talk to their kids, anywhere, anytime. Some might argue that these watches are priced at INR 3,599, relatively higher for investment on a kids product. But don’t parents invest heavily on toys and other accessories for kids? In hindsight, the price of toys and other baby products is much higher than the price of this smartwatch. On the contrary, this smartwatch has intriguing benefits to offer to both kids and parents whereas the toys eventually end up broken or in the bin after some time. When there is no fear of investment then, why bother yourself unnecessarily under such burdens for a product that is a modern tech gadget aimed at securing your child’s safety?

xWatch Kids is a smart investment and smart parents, who are well versed with technology would endorse it without much thoughts. Some features that make xWatch Kids a smart investment for parents include:

1. Attractive and fashionable for kids to wear and flaunt.
2. Multiple offerings including GPS, two-way calling and real time tracking.
3. Set alerts for you to know when your kid is close to a danger zone through geo fencing.
4. SOS alerts and panic button to reach out to kids in distress.
5. Indian product. Thus the ease of reaching out to the manufacturer in case your smartwatch needs some fixing.
6. A disguised safety mate for your kids and spy eye for you.

Having a smartwatch is more a luxury, but a dire need for parents to ensure that their kids are safe with them or without them, anytime, anywhere!

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