Working mothers find it emotionally hard to leave their kids behind in the care of nannies. Little choice on hand to strike a perfect work-life balance, mothers are increasingly taking refuge in internet of Things (IoT) technology that offers smart products and solutions for child safety and child care.

Apart from smart-watches, various wireless gadgets including health tracking devices make it more comfortable for mothers to step out at times when their kids need them most. After all, which mother would want to work at office when her child is down with fever and needs someone to monitor the temperature at regular intervals? With the advent of IoT and devices like a Smart Thermometer, mothers can easily monitor their baby’s progress and the body temperature from her work location. While some of these thermometers require the device to be connected, others transmit the date to nearby smart phones and tablets via bluetooth. These results can simultaneously be viewed online! These thermometers are equipped to collate results and pass on this information for you to keep track of their health.

New parents especially mommies find it hard to part ways with their new borns because a mother is best to understand the movements and habits of her child. However, the smart Baby Monitor Onsie is a one stop solution for such wary mothers. These onsies transmit constant updates to the smartphones that in turn help you monitor your baby’s temperature, activities, sleeping position and breathing patterns. Well, there’s even a machine washable baby monitor to help you listen to the app and figure out all is well!

There are other wearable devices that comfortably fit around your baby’s ankles to keep a track of their motion, position, temperature and heart rate. This data is collated to make smart predictions like when the baby wakes up or sleep patterns. This helps mothers keep a tab even while they are away from the comforts of their homes and kids.

Internet of Things is just growing big in size. With the passage of time, we should expect many more gadgets making their way into the list of must-have irresistible devices to keep all parental worries away!

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