Consider this: every day you wake up in the morning, freshen up, cook and eat your breakfast. After locking up the house, you get in your car and drive off to work. All these simple tasks require a lot of your attention and time. Imagine having the technology to cover all these tasks for you. You wake up and your food is ready, you leave the house and the entire house automatically locks itself behind you and your car drives you to work! Sounds eccentric right? Well it can all soon become possible through Internet of Things (IOT). Internet of things is best described as the connection between technology and physical objects we use in our day to day lives. These objects are fitted with sensors, software and other electronics which makes the transfer of data from the objects to the internet. For example, a smartwatch is an excellent example of a gadget designed for IOT. It allows you to upload your location, vital statistics etc. to internet for continuous monitoring! Soon we’ll be able to perform various activities like driving and cooking at the click of a button. Our lives will undergo a revolutionary change which will drastically change our lives.


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Internet of Things has been tipped off to be the future of communication and connectivity, however is it useful in all situations? Consider exercising, you go to the gym and you work out for a couple of hours. Your smartwatch tells you your progress by assessing the number of calories you burned and steps you walked. Now you have comprehensive data to allow you to measure how much time it takes to lose a certain amount of calories and keep track of your health. Another example would be automatic driving: Your car does everything for you: it reverses, takes you to your destination through the quickest way possible. The technology inside the car will determine the amount of traffic present on each possible route, distance and time taken. However, it will not estimate the condition of the road, or may not be able to consider how comfortable your ride will be. IOT may make our lives easier in many ways, however it doesn’t perform productively at all times; many functions can become superfluous making Internet of Things a very risky investment. Entrepreneurs must be vary of all the factors that are affected through their gadgets to make sure the product actually satisfies the needs and wants of the consumer. As Internet of things is a relatively new concept, it is currently expensive due to the limited resources available for its functions.  We still lack the resources to use Internet of things at its maximum capacity. IOT would require the space to establish its technology. Without the required technology, all gadgets would be vulnerable to blackouts and system failures. A high level of security for the technology to ensure the safety of our customers, especially if important systems such as security becomes digitized. Extra precautions need to be taken care of before we consider Internet of Things as a major system to take over our lives. Although these kind of updates may take a long period of time to develop and perfect, we need to start getting ready for this change to occur. IOT is the future of Information technology that will be able to provide us with gadgets we have been looking forward to for years in our own imagination. For instance, the concept of a self-driving car is very attractive among many people, due to its capability of preventing accidents and simply making life easier. IOT will dominate our day to day lives as more and more gadgets are invented for our daily functions.

Internet of Things(Image Source: ICS)

We know one thing for sure, IOT promises a bright future with innovators and entrepreneurs lining up to explore the ideas which can be used for gadgets with IOT technology in the next ten years. We may not be ready to completely adapt to IOT due to lack of information, however in the near future, we will be able to assess different components such as road condition, carb counting, which includes consumption and reduction in numbers. IOT will certainly revolutionize the digital era.

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