When I was 6, my parents had a frightening experience of losing a track on me while we were on a family trip however, they were fortunate enough to find me back within a few hours. I’m sure every parent can relate this to that mini panic attack you get when your child goes missing.

Becoming a parent is not at all an easy job; it is not something everyone is actually prepared for. As your child grows up, you will find yourself surrounded by a set of worries one after another. Even if you are a super parent and have eyes on your children all the time, still they can sometimes wander away. While it is hard to imagine this happening, it is important for you to have a plan in case you need to react quickly to find a missing child, whether it is a family outing, a school trip, or on the child’s way home from school. It saddened me to think that even the ”safe” places aren’t safe anymore. You may live in a high standard neighborhood; you may send your children to highly rated schools. But the reality is this isn’t the world you grew up in. The things your child needs for protection against the monsters of this world are different.

As a parent, you have enough to worry about your child’s safety and it is very natural. No one will worry about your children in the same way that you do. But it can lead to complete dependency and insecurity. Neither of which are good choices for them. Is it truly worth scaring your child to the point of anxiety in an effort to beat off your own fears that your child will be kidnapped by a stranger? However, before worrying too much try to handle your fears before you pass them unnecessarily on to your children. The key is finding a balance.

But the problem is how you find the balance between freedom and security when it comes to your kids?

One solution comes in the form of modern technology and what is better than using it for your child’s security? Thanks to advances in GPS technology that helps you to stay in touch with your little ones every time and sends you an alert whenever your child is in danger or out of the safe zone.

The tech industry has been quick to offer solutions to soothe parents in the form of lightweight wearable location devices specially designed for kids. Choose the new gadgets like Xwatch for kids with built-in GPS technology and other useful features to keep your kids safe and give yourself some peace of mind that will help you finding them in the event of an emergency. Xwatch is a perfect companion for your children that keeps you connected with them 24×7 through mobile application and SOS calls.


Xwatches are the next big thing when it comes to technology innovations and they could be actually useful to keep a watchful and protective eye on your young ones. While it is always better to be safe than sorry, but there does come a point in life when excessive worry and warning becomes detrimental to your child. Give your child the freedom to grow in the outside world and explore new things and simultaneously provide them with a “Risk Proof” cover of the new technology’s magic.

Be a “SAFETY SMART PARENT” and help your children feel “SAFE” in an unsafe world!

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