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About Us

about iotex

Our Name:
Iotex stands for IOT EXchange and represents what this business is all about -- providing quality IOT Services and Products to customers worldwide.

Our Logo:
A black and red fusion of the letters IOT to signify our commitment and mission to deliver quality services in the IOT space.

Our Brand:
All our products are named with a preceding "x" to signify that all our products are connected to our IOTEX Core Platform.


Our Company:
Iotex is based out of Delhi, NCR region of India and founded by a group of passionate individuals from the worlds of business, services and technology. The company’s vision is to grow into a leading innovator of ‘Making Life Easy and Secure’ Services in the connected world, through Apps, Software Platforms and Products. Iotex’s platform, products and services have been created by product design and technology experts with prior experience at top technology firms . The company has an elite board of advisors, including well known executives - as well as established entrepreneurs.

The world is being inundated today with a wide variety of technologies, connected devices, and platforms. This accompanied by a fast changing lifestyle, and daily chores, is creating gaps between needs and what is being created in the form of products and services. So we, the Iotex team, have passionately taken on the challenge and began thinking of what would be the most natural experience for various users in today’s evolving connected world IOT ecosystem. We are working towards creating a natural experience tightly coupled and integrated into our current and emerging day to day life patterns so as to make our life Simple and Secure.

With this guiding rule in mind, we are working towards building our products and services that are intuitive, natural, seamless, hassle-free yet flexible and evolving to keep pace with the changing needs of mankind.


Meet our Team

Rajesh Agarwal
Rajesh Agarwal, Director
Founder & Director
Micromax Informatics Limited


Mukesh Gupta
Mukesh Gupta, Director
Founder & Director
Bhagwati Products Limited
Srinath Nudurupati
Srinath Nudurupati, Director
Founder & Director
Inxee Systems Private Limited


Akhil Choudhary
Akhil Choudhary, Technology Advisor
Founder & Director
Binary Semantics Limited


xwatch kids

xwatch kids

Our wireless GPS watches are rugged, small, power efficient and feature two-way voice communications, precise GPS tracking, alerts, small size, and an excellent design that kids love.


Our smart watches are elegantly designed, incorporate fitness sensors and all the features of a full-fledged smart-phone in a very small form factor, with superior quality and long battery life.


Our easy-to-use, consumer friendly GPS vehicle tracking devices are small, rugged, power-efficient and provide precise GPS live tracking and alerts when your vehicle is out-of-bounds of predefined areas.

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